There has been a growing tendancy for promotions of “Passive Income” plans, and for good reason.

People want to make money without doing anything – I do and no doubt you do too.

But the hard cold truth is that almost all of these plans do not last. Many are ponzies and most of the others are out and out scams that pull the rug from underneath you if you look like making a profit.

There may be the odd genuine plan but even these are subject to the law of diminishing returns and will eventually fail.

The only REAL ways to a secure future involve you getting into a plan/business that offers real products with real value for money and  a compenstion plan based on a realistic commission.

You may have been lucky to break even on passive income plans; you may have even profited from some, but do you really want the stress of worrying when they will end, when will you break even etc?

More so, do you want the fact that your profits have come from the losses of others always haunting you?

There are quite a number of reputable ways to EARN money online, so forget the hype, the get rich quick and the magic buttons.

In this blog I will be exploring the world of affiliate marketing and seeking products of value that people need to solve genuine problems.

Just to be clear there is nothing wrong with affiliate plans that offer leverage through referring others to promote. Even the main affiliate sites such as ClickBank and JvZoo etc. have affiliate plans like this, so don’t rule out network companies and MLM plans. Keep an open mind always.

Each product that I find and test, will be offered with an affiliate link and reasons why I am promoting the product.

I don’t expect that the products offered will have universal appeal as we are all different and have different needs but what I intend to do is share an affiliate link for anything that I do promote and…

allow YOU to use the information and make sales promoting the page simply by adding your affiliate code in the page and sharing the page with others. See my post here for how that can work for you.

Some programs require you to participate to enjoy the benefits of promotion and some do not and I will try to make this clear.

What I am trying to do is create a path that anyone can follow to start making money online and leverage my blog to help you in doing that.

Ultimately you will want to have your own blog, find your own products and probably get a really good mentor to help you achive at your highest level. It’s what all successful people do; top athletes have personal coaches and top business people also have personal coaches.

If you use the same affiliate name for all promotions it may carry from offer to offer here and soon you can build a good resource for making money online honestly and without stress.

It’s all about patience and persistence. Rome was not built in a day.

It need not be full time but allocate 1 or 2 hours a day to YOUR business and always do some income producing activity. Build a list (I’ll be covering that in more detail later) and have realistic expectations.

If you do the work, day-in and day-out, then it’ll give you feedback loops to get better and better.

“Want a magic bullet?”

The magic bullet IS doing the work.

Day-in and day-out.

Improving yourself every day.

Becoming the best version of yourself!

Do NOT be the person who goes out there and keeps buying the “magic button” products that don’t work. We’ve all been there and we know it’s a mug’s game so stop it now.

Be the person who takes the responsibility to evolve your own skills, reads the books, finishes your training and becomes one of the most confident and successful affiliate marketers on the planet.

Nothing is beyond your reach as long as you stick to it and avoid the scammy, get rich quick offers.

God bless,

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      Am an enterprise song writer

    • Maureen Hawkins

      I appreciate the directness of this post. No Hype, just common sense. Thanks.

    • Steve Briant

      Some Motivation:

      Post motivational quotes that resonate with your audience’s aspirations.
      Share stories of individuals who overcame challenges and achieved success.
      Offer tips for starting the day positively and productively.
      Encourage your audience to take on challenges that promote self-improvement.

    • Robert Fabrigar

      hi sir Frammie, thanks for inviting me…

    • Jaroslav Trojan

      Dobry den pane Frammie , velmi dekuji za vasi pozvanku.

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