Anyone selling online wants to get their offer in fromt of as many RED HOT BUYERS as possible.

Sales is a numbers game.

The more people that see your offer, the more sales you will make.

Of course the people seeing the offer must be prospects for the offer; they must have a need for what it is and have the money spend on it.

It would be no use promoting an offer for pork sausages to Vegetarians, Muslims or Jews for example.

However, I have just stumbled accross a way to get YOUR business opportunity in front of over 250,000 make money online buyers.


It's not free but ... 

For every $1 YOU receive 100 ad credits to display your ad 100 times to a community of 250,000+ network marketers who are all buyers.

The minimum purchase is $30 so that's at least 3,000 times your opportunity will be displayed.

The best part is, if you choose to refer others, you are paid commissions of $10 through 2 levels and these are paid directly to you using the payment method that YOU choose.

Refer just 3 people and your ads are 100% free, and if you have more than 3 people in your 2 level payline you are making a profit from your advertising.

If you don't choose to advertise you can accept a $1 coin for every $1 spent to buy products from the creators in the website's store.

This really is a Win/Win situation and it's even better than the brief details here.

Go to the website now by clicking here for the full information.

NOTE: I will accept payments to sharelove and loveshared in ShareHope Tokens sent to the address 0x5D49A10f1ab0C0916f31614494B5Dd2AF42b3fF0 and for verification you will use the paid by cash option and include the TXID in the details.

TIP: Once you have joined the advertising site above you can use this page to promote your link by simply adding the text in red to the URL as follows, making sure to substitute YOURUSERNAME with your actual username from the website.:

    5 replies to "Day 19 – Getting Your Offer In Front Of Buyers"

    • Norman Mcculloch

      Thanks for this interesting advertising tip. I will take a look.

    • Mike Williams

      It’s an obvious Ponzi scheme…why do you keep promoting Ponzi schemes?

      They’re easy enough to spot.
      Just ask one simple question…”what value is provided?” If there is no service or product that provides real value, then it’s a Ponzi.

      You should stay well away from these platforms, also stay away from anything in “pre-launch”. All to often these programs either fail to launch or totally change their business model once they launch.

      Stick to things that are long established AND provide real value.

      Please take this advice into consideration, especially as others are relying upon you and have put their trust in you.

      • frammie

        FYI a Ponzi is something that can only pa out from the increased referral of new members. It has nothing to do with products. However products are an essential part of a valid plan and the products offered in this plan arevalid and available to all purchasers at all levels.

    • Alan Jones

      This site shows up as an infected site on my virus protection system

      • frammie

        AVG (Avast) are over protective and the site has no problems with other anti-virus such as Norton and McAfee etc.

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