To quote Robbie Burns, “they oft go awry!”.

Yesterday was such a day and I never even made my intended post.

My reason for documenting everything is to serve as a guide for those who follow this blog, enabling them to duplicate what will hoepfully be my success in affiliate marketing. It will also show mistakes and errors made so that these can be eliminited from your own personal road to becoming a success.

Yesterday I allowed things to get out of my control and ended up with too much to do in too little time.

Today, I am making this post and will follow it later with a post that will indicate some small step of progress on my personal path.

The moral of this post is to make sure you remain in control of your time and allocate it in a way that you ALWAYS do the things you had intended to do. Simple but not always easy!

I’ll see you later (aligator).

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