I've been AWOL for a while and I'm still struggling for time but I wanted to get this important post out for you.

Finding offers to promote is often a challenge for new affiliate marketers.

There are thousands of offers available, but which should you choose?

Ideally you want to find something that your subscribers and contacts have not already seen, but how do we know?

If we are promoting offers that people have already seen it is franly a waste of time, energy and money! But how do we know?

The sure way of finding something not aready seen is to promote something new.

There are always many new products available every week and often every day.

The easiest way to find these, and to be informed in advance is to use a site called Munch Eye. 

There you will find all the new launches listed and also the best evergreen products to share. It just makes life easier!

Link in the button below (not an affiliate link).
God bless.

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