Today is day 9 so it’s a little over a week but so far I have learned quite a lot.

I have followed instructions and feel like i’m making progress and putting in foundations.

I have not yet started building a list and have not made any money, but it’s early days.

The course I am following has not yet got me to the list building stage, but I am really impressed with all the lessons I have so far completed; 33 out of a total of 61.

Just over half way, but I wanted to get some more information on email marketing and list building and so I bought an eBook from a guy that makes a fortune from emails and I want to implement some of his strategies into my journey. I must of course stick with my chosen mentors, but I think it’s always good to get another viewpoint as long as it does not distract you.

Interestingly this is the only person that I know that’s been online longer than me and his name is Matt Bacak and like me it was over 8 years before he started making real cash.

Unlike me he has consistently made millions every year by simply fpollowing a strategy that works, and he’s put all this in an eBook, so I bought it.

It’s only $5.60 and just from the little bit I’ve read so far it’s worth much more. If you want your own copy you can get it from my affiliate link here.

Let me know what you think of the book, if you buy it, by leaving a comment below.

Tomorrow I’ll be going through theme selection for a wordpress site, something seldom talked about in any detail.

God bless.

    4 replies to "Day 9 – Looking back on a week of new challenges"

    • Jay Torres

      Will I get everything for $5.60 or will I get a lot of upsells?

      • frammie

        there are nearly always upsells with any offer but this one only has 2 if you think you need them – the book itself is a good buy and if you follow the training in it you can prosper.

    • Jay Torres

      Just like I thought, I spent the $5.60 which leads to a $97 upsell. Why not be upfront and just tell people the total cost to get all the features? Now I’m suspicious that there’ll be more costs to get additional info…

      • frammie

        I’m afraid all products are sold this way with upsells – but the ebook is, in my opinion, worth the price and the upsells are options. In this case there are only 2 upsells where many offers have 7, 10 or 12. Another tip is to always decline the first upsell because they will usually offer it to you then at a reduced price – if its something you want.

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