Email marketing is great but can be very frustrating.

You start building a list and you send out a few offers and no sales come in. WHY?

Well first of all you need to build a relationship with your subscribers, they need to know that you are there to be helpful and not just to sell them anything that comes accross your scan for "Easy Money."

The first step of course is to get them to subscribe, but once they are on your list make sure that you send them anything you promised.

Next give them a reason to add you to their contact list and ask them to add you.

Then, when sending any mail to them treat them with respect and if you are offering something for sale explain why you are offering it and how you think it can help them.

You will also need to navigate the spam filters that most accounts employ and a good tip is to avoid using words that seem to ell or express urgency. This is a link to 750 SPAM words to avoid.

Don't get paranoid about this but be aware of things, especially if you are a new sender or your domain has no history of sending emails. As you gain credibility with the email providers you can "get away with" more  and avoid the spam trap.

Here is some great advice on how to avoid getting into spam folders.

It's a good idea to have your own test accounts set up and after composing an emailyou can send it to your test account and see if it lands in the inbox or the dreaded spam folder.

Other folders to avoid are promotion folders and such that providers such as Google set up automatically in new accounts.

Coming in early 2004 Google and Yahoo will be more stringent on blocking emails and so get any advice you can from your  autoresponder providers now!

Unless your emails are getting into an inbox, they stand very little chance of being opened and getting the desired results from your campaigns.

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