I just received an email from Share A Sale…

“Hi Graham,

Welcome to theĀ Namecheap affiliate program.

Thank you so much for your decision to spread the word about Namecheap. You’re now ready to set off on the Affiliate Journey and earn money with us.”

I don’t know why it was not accepted initially but sometimes things take time.

It’s annoying when you just want to get started, but it is important to have patience and not allow things to get you down.

The road to success is ever changing and goes uphill as well as downhill.

As I have mentioned before, my favourite domain registry is NameCheap, I find it simpler and easier than any other I have tried (and I’ve tried many) and their support has always been really good. I need good support because I am net a techie by any stretch of the imagination; I even find a TV remote a challenge.

So, if you are looking for a domain, and I recommend you have at least one, I suggest you use NameCheap and my affiliate link is below.

At least there is a little bit of progress today, and each step in the right direction gets you closer to your goals.

If you choose to like and share I will be very grateful. Thanks!

God bless.

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