Nothing new with this mentor but my other course and mentor made some progress today.

Please click to check out what’s going on there…

Tomorrow I hope to show some progress here too. LOL!

God bless,

    3 replies to "Day 14 – Nothing new – or is there?"

    • Peter

      You mentioned doing two blogs the other day.
      Are you going to do these blogs on separate pages?
      Or maybe two blog entries on the one page?
      My thought is that two entries on one page would be for the best.
      Then readers can refer back and forth, up and down the page,
      to see the differences that you are referring to.
      Just my thought ! 🙂

      • frammie

        They will be 2 separate blogs but I will put links from one to the other

    • Peter

      A great About Me !
      Thanks for sharing your incredible good fortune.
      And pleased that you do not mention the word ‘luck’,
      which is an empty word.
      Rather you use the word ‘blessed’,
      which is more comprehensive and indicates
      that we might (must) each have a purpose
      should we find our ‘calling’ in our lifetime.
      I despair of those who just ‘sit and stare’
      without looking for, searching for
      or realising their (designated) purpose.
      For myself this might have come late,
      however there were many signs
      along the way that I missed or ignored .
      Congratulations on your varied experience
      and where you are today
      and what you are bringing to the world..

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