First we jumped from Day 10 to Day 13 because I missed 2 days posting due to time pressures elsewhere – sorry!

As you may know if you have been following my posts I have 2 mentors, 2 courses and 2 ssets of actions. There is a large conflict in the way these 2 people present the information.

One is totally focussed on making money and explaining how to copy what he does to make millions of $ on affiliate sites; the other is also showing how to make money but with the emphasis on giving value and going back over what he did starting 15 years ago, to now also make millions of $ with affiliate marketing.

I am not saying one is right and one is wrong, they are both right in teaching how you or I can copy their success.

However, I feel more comfortable with the value principle. I will continue in implementing both; the first will be documented here and the other on another blog which will probably have its first post later this week.

That way you will be able to see the differences and, should you at some time wish to also benefit from the mentorship, be in a position to follow the format you prefer.

Just to let you know I finishes a coaching call about 15 minutes ago and have another starting in less than an hour. I find both extremely interesting and valuable.

One course takes more time explaining everything in detail and sets weekly tasks, the other has over 60 training videos to go at your own speed and has been, and will continue to be, theĀ  main the source of content for this blog. However the header image today is taken from the training for the new blof. I’ll recveal the link to that blog as soon as I have “done my homework” for this week.

As always comments and shares are always welcome, thanks!

God bless.

    2 replies to "Day 13 – Conflicting styles?"

    • John Taylor

      Well Graham, I will continue to follow your journey in this blog and look forward to following you also on your upcoming blog!
      The more education and insights I can learn from your journeys and blogs, the better prepared I will be for a successful Affiliate Marketing adventure of my own!
      thanks for your sharing and continued support to our community.
      Thanks again!

    • Mike Williams

      Personally I’ve always looked at the real value of an offer before I promote it.

      There’s lots to be said about karmic law, don’t mess with karma.

      If there isn’t any real value, don’t promote it, it’ll bite you on the arse at some point and could ruin your reputation.

      I’d never promote something just because I stand to make money from it.

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