Let me be completely honest in saying that this is not my first ever commission online.

However, it is my first commission in this journey simply following my mentors’ instructions. This is something that anyone following the same steps could have achieved and it is a landmark.

It is a small commission of less than $5 but it’s a start and it proves that the system and training is starting to work. It will take continued persistence and patience before I can even get to break even, but it’s a good start and encouraging.

As I am making this post I received another notification of another sale(and commission) and I am happy that the product bought is a good one that if put to use can help the buyers. I never want to sell something just because it pays well; I want to be able to know that what I sell is of value and will improve the life of the buyer and I truly believe that the Secret Email Book is of great value.

Today my lessons were on choosing a theme for my blog and with thousands to choose from it’s not an easy task.

However, I know that a theme can be easily changed and so making a bad initial choice is not a critical error.

What I am really seeking, as advised, is something simple, clear and clean looking; something that is easy to find information, get information and engage with me.  I know it’s only a website but I don’t want all the converstion to be one sided just coming from me. I welcome feedback and comments at all times and especially questions that I may be able to help with in solving a problem you may have.

I have another mentoring session coming up now, so I gotta go but I’m really happy to have made 2 sales much faster than I expected.

God bless as always.


    6 replies to "Day 10 – I earned my first commission"

    • John Taylor

      It’s good to see that your journey is beginning to bear fruit for you! Continued success on this journey!

    • Peter

      Would appear that you are more advanced that you let on !
      Or are the commission from the ebook sales?

      • frammie

        eBook sales – I am only recording here what happens here through the mentorship that I’m receiving.

    • Nigel Barksfield

      Congratulations, I hope you inspire others to achieve worthwhile results, too.

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