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Once you have read the short book and joined the programs download the brandable version by clicking here and add your links. (NOTE: This is an exe file and you may need to add an exception in your anti virus software to allow the download)


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It has always been our intention to raise funds in this way rather than flooding the exchanges with tokens and this has been a clear objective that has been communicated on many occasions.

This is definitely not for instant profits and any tokens purchased will be subject to a 6 month hold before being released into your WSA WESA Wallet.

Once in your WSA WESA Wallet the ability to cash in on these Tokens will depend on the liqidity at the time.

It is accepted that liquidity wil take time to build, but also expected that it will improve each month, sometimes gradually and sometimes much faster. We aim to have perfect liquidity (when any amount of WESA Tokens can be exchanged quickly and at high value) within 2 to 3 years. This will not be an instant jump but a steady progression with liquidity improving gradually and continuously.

This offer is only be available to Elite Members as Staking Pools is of prime importance to members' welfare ahead of building for the future. Funds received from members who do not have Elite Status will be used to increase staking and any funds returned will be subject to a $10 administration fee.

Please understand that in taking up Nest Egg offers members will not only be helping themselves to secure a strong future but also helping the community to prosper and grow and playing an important part in increasing the liquidity of the WESA Token.
That said, we do not need the Nest Egg to progress, so it is not important whether we sell no Tokens or all the Tokens on offer; it is simply that our progress, growth and liquidity will be speeded by any sales made.

This month's offer is unique in that we will not be selling WESA Tokens at about half their value but at a tiny fraction of their value. The reason for this is that I promised all members (and we always keep our promises) that we would extend the offer from August 2020 which we had to close down early due to overwhelming response and lack of systems to support the demand.

Consequently we are offering WESA Tokens at the price of $110 for a 10 Tokens pack. We are not able to offer part packs but multiple packs are available to anyone who wants them.

This price will never be repeated again and future offers will be at around half the GMV which would currently place a Token offer at over $100 each not the $11 each offered now.

These tokens can only be bought using funds from outside of WSA as if we were selling them on the exchange.  Initially we can only accept payment through; if possible, will add other options, but for this December offering that is unlikely.

To make a purchase....

  1. Choose to pay by using Coinpayments (Go to Step 2 below) or By Making a Waves Exchange Transfer (Go to Step 4 below)

  2. click the coinpayments button to the right and select the number of packs you want and than make your payment

  3. copy your coinpayments TXID (It will look something like this CPEL7IY3SROJ4XCF1FITYQIWPI). Then proceed to step 7 below

  4. open your Waves Exchange account and buy USDN or trade existing assets for USDN of the required value ($110 per pack of 10 WESA Tokens x Number of packs desired)

  5. Then click on the send option for USDN and transfer the amount needed for your WESA Token packs to this address 3PLXdkEgDNQR2C7dLnGRsGV2VttG8d7RwR3

  6. copy your TXID and then make sure you press the send button. Then proceed to step 7 Below

  7. open and complete the form here  - (this is where you will paste the transaction link you copied )

  8. once the details on the form have been verified the Tokens will be added to your Nest Egg Wallet on the dashboard in your member area. Please allow 48 hours for us to complete this task manually.

That's It!



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